Afford me to drive fast - Thank you!

Do you want to support me? New sponsors are welcome and urgently needed! So contact me over the contact-form!

Bikes and Equipment

I get support from the shop of my team Velo-Art.ch in the domain of equipment and bikes.


Biberoptik Hausmann supports me with firstclass eyewear from Adidas. I can always keep a good view in every conditon, thanks to these excellent glasses!

I also purchase all my contactlenses from Biberoptik.


Yves Jäggi, the founder of the young brand Geröll built a super stiff MTB carbon wheelset extra for me. Thanks for your awesome work and your support!


With the sport food from Sponser Sport Food I have enough energy for every race. Thanks to their gels, sports drinks, energy bars, etc. I'm never getting hungry during a race!

Other Supporters

Many other organisations and indivduals support me. All the training camps and competitions wouldn't be possible without them. So thanks to all of you!