Junior World Championships in Vilnius, Lithuania

My second last Junior World Championships went pretty different than I imagined. Thanks to my Silvermedal in the Long I can return home at least partly satisfied. I also gained many experiences, on which I can build for the next season!

My Junior World Championships 2017 didn't go as planned, that's for sure.

In the first competition, the middle on monday, I had a terrible race, except the final 5 controls. I did too many mistakes, the very difficult terrain and the heavy rain caused a day to forget for me...

Only one day later it was time for the first ever offical mass start world championship! I had big goals for this race, as I really like the direct battle in the forest with the other competitors and the physical fight! But then, everything went wrong again. I had problem with my maps (4 pcs!) to stay in my mapholder, they fell out at least 3 times. So I missed the connection to a group due to the maps falling out, and I did some other stupid mistakes. In the end I became 14th and I'm absolutely not happy with this rank.

The relay on the next day was in the same terrain, and I did it a lot better! I did the first leg. On the first half of the course I was able to race really fast, I got to the spectators controll in the chasing group, in the leading group were about 4 riders. On the second half, the more difficult one, I did some small mistakes, in the end I handed over to my team mate Ursina (we participated as a mixed men due to lack of male Swiss athletes) in 10th position (8th in nations). In the end our relay team got 11th, one rank better than last year!

After the rest day, which I really needed, the long distance competition took place in a really nice forest, which suited me a lot better than the previous terrains. It was flatter and faster rideable, had almost only single trails and looked almost like a scandinavian forrest with its pines. I managed to find the flow really fast and did a clean run. This brought me the silver medal, finally a good result!

The day after my mission was the title defence. Unfortunately my mission failed too early, as I did a small mistake to the 2nd control and a really stupid routechoice to the 13th, these mistakes costed me over 2min, far too much in a sprint competition. In the end I got 20th, another awful result...

The banquet in Vilnius was probably the best one I've ever had! We had so much fun in the water park with a cool party and other banquet activities :D

All in all I'm not satisfied with my world champs. But I can take many positive things with me, one is for sure the silver medal, but I also learned a lot and I know now that I have to work hard to be successful in the future!

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