Easter Weekend recap: Annecy, France

On the easter weekend there were some MTBO-Competitions in Annecy, France. There were a relay, two sprints and a long distance on the schedule. The plan was to do some fast races in this beautiful terrain. Everything changed already in the first competition...

On saturday the french championships in relay took place. The relay team consisted of two athletes, which both had to do 2 legs each. My partner Simon Brändli sent me as the leader on the second leg. After some small mistakes, I wanted to gain back some time I lost. I ran really fast over a fallen tree, and after that, a branch of wood was stuck in my knee. I ran to the first aid station and wanted to remove the branch as fast as possible. The branch went about 6cm deep into the top of my left knee. The removal wasn't that easy though. They had to anaesthetitze my knee to remove the branch. After that, I had to go to the hospital for further checks. There it turned out that nothing is broken and no tendons are ripped. So everything's good so far. They washed my wound, which caused another anaesthetitzation and a lot of pain.
On sunday, there were two sprints taking place, which I really wanted to do! I couldn't bend my knee and I didn't want to rip my wound even more. That's why I decided to pedal with only one leg and to let the injured leg just hang down. Of course I was really slow, but I managed to complete both races successfully and that in a acceptable time, regarding the circumstances. In the second sprint I got 23rd overall (total of 91 competitors). On monday, I wasn't able to compete in the longdistance competion, as the area was just too hilly to pedal with only one leg. So I supported my fellows of the Swiss team as good as I could.
Now I really hope to be able to compete in the training camp in Lithuania in about 2 weeks!

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